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Andre & Michel Quenard Chignin Mondeuse

Though mondeuse will be a new grape variety to many, it’s familiar in that it is a parent grape to syrah. This is evident in the rich and spicy character of this wine, which recalls both black and white pepper and roasted meats. It has aromas of raspberry and strawberry that cushion the soft scent of autumn flowers that develops after decanting. It’s an excellent pairing with duck, quail, or other fowl, as well as cheeses such as Reblochon and Chevrotin.

– Seth

Montes Alpha Pinot Noir

A vibrant, full-bodied pinot noir with ripe cherry and berry aromas. In the glass, it’s a beautiful ruby red color. It was grown in Chile’s Aconcagua valley and aged for a year in French oak. It’s juicy and generous but balanced with some terrific acidity, making it ideal for salmon, mushrooms, or roast chicken.


Domaine d’Aupilhac Languedoc Montpeyroux

The harsh rocky terrain in the village of Montpeyroux is perfectly captured by this rustic red from the Languedoc region of southern France. It is rich and full-bodied with chewy tannins. Bright acidity brings balance to the wine and helps with ageability. As the wine opens up in the glass it reveals layers of smoke, meat, and earth as well as some fresh cherry. I recommend trying it with BBQ pulled pork.


Castello Di Meleto Borgaio Toscana

This delicious wine is a perfect way to ease into Italian wines. It’s packed notes of dried cherry and balsamic and, while it would certainly pair well with a meal, it’s light and fruity enough to enjoy on it own. The blend of sangiovese and merlot is a winning combination. The sangiovese gives the wine the deep cherry notes and classic Italian character, and the merlot adds richness and body.

– Spencer

Domaine Georges Vernay Syrah “De Mirbaudie”

Grown on the tiny hillside of the commune of Condrieu on the banks of France’s Rhone River is this beautifully elegant syrah. This is a medium, almost full-bodied syrah that is nicely dry on the palate. The all-stainless steel fermentation process gives it expressive flavors of dried cherry, pungent herbs, and cracked pepper that are supple and sweet. It contains a firm finish with sneaky tannins and spicy persistence.

– Walker

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