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Loco SoCo Chardonnay

Listen, I know what you’re thinking: Chardonnay? For May? Groundbreaking.

To which I say: Yes, Miranda Priestly, CHARDONNAY FOR MAY! This is literally the chardonnay of your *~dreams~* (or nightmares, I don’t know, I don’t live your life).

This wine tastes like a weekend in Palm Springs: sun drenched, fruity, and perfect for Instagram.

– Seth

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Failla Sonoma County Pinot Noir

I know what you’re thinking: two staff picks in a single month?! OF COURSE two staff picks in a single month! I’m just giving the public what the want!

You know all the things you love about pinot? The tart cherry, the wet earth, the subtle hint of funk – well, crank it all to 11 and you’ll get where this wine is coming from. This is a wine best consumed while skydiving!

– Seth

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Two Vintners Some Days are Diamonds Syrah

Washington syrah is where it’s at right now, and there are few better than this one from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA. A backbone of acidity shows off the powerful minerality and intense floral notes of the wine. Aromas of dried flowers, fresh herbs, and wild sage are everywhere in this wine, while the palate shows notes of cherry, raspberry, and warm spices.                                            

– Keegan

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Guild Winemaker's Rosé

This is obviously a rosé wine, but it might surprise you to know that the predominant grape here is a white one: Melon de Bourgogne. A healthy dose of pinot noir and viognier are also added to give the wine its pink hue and boost its aromatic profile. It’s perfect on a hot summer’s day with a slight chill on it. Notes of raspberries and fresh flowers make it ideal of sipping poolside.

– Ali

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Gilbert Cellars Rosé

Although it’s from Washington state, this rosé is made in the style of Bandol from the south of France. A blend of two grapes (mourvedre and grenache), it’s full of fragrant notes of peach, grapefruit, and papaya. Completely dry, this is the kind of wine you’ll want to sip on all day long. I like to pair it with seafood like grilled shrimp or steamed mussels. If you haven’t yet caught on to Washington wine, this is the bottle to start with!


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Perchaud Chablis 1er Cru Les Fourneaux

Spring is here, the back porch is calling, and this wine is perfect for the occasion! It’s bright and refreshing, bursting with apple and pear flavors held up by a subtle, nectary richness. The finish is straightforward, driven by the minerality that Chablis is famous for. It stands up well to creamy sauces, but really shines with salads and spring vegetables. Ideal for a sunny afternoon!

– Sam

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