September’s Staff Picks

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Lucienne Doctor's Vineyard Pinot Noir

Extremely robust for Pinot Noir, even from California. There’s a lot going on here: a hint of vanilla oak, ripe red fruits, and round tannins. For me, this is the perfect wine to transition into fall – it’s light yet firm, perfect for the almost-but-not-quite chilly nights we’ve been having. Pair it with pork or chicken, or even just have it by itself.


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Chappellet Chardonnay

How do you not love Chappellet? They’re one of Napa’s best wineries and every one of their wines is outstanding. This Chardonnay is full of bright fruit flavors and hearty notes of melted butter, toast, and baking spices. You can pair this wine with almost anything, but I love it with seafood and all the great vegetables that I’ve been picking at farmers’ markets around town. 

Mr. Baker

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Kermit Lynch Cotes du Rhone

This wine was blended to resemble a classic French bistro wine. There’s nothing fussy about this bottle. It’s fresh and medium bodied and perfect for drinking outside. I actually like it chilled, so try sticking it in your fridge for about 30 minutes before you plan to drink it.  


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The Eyrie Vineyard Rosé of Pinot Noir

I’m not ready to give up my rosé just yet! This rosé from Eyrie Vineyards is the perfect rosé for fall. It’s got a lot of body to it, so it won’t be as light and crisp some of my favorite summer sippers, but it’s still got all of the bright berry flavors that I love.


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Trimbach Cuvee Frederic Emile Riesling

WE’RE NOT WORTHY! Like being in the presence of HRH Britney Jean Spears, drinking this Riesling is a privilege bestowed on the lucky few who dare to dream for the greatest pleasures in life. This baby is now 10 years old but drinking it now is criminal because it can easily age another 10 to 20 years. Granted, what’s the point of buying a wine just to wait a decade to drink it? Maybe you should just go ahead and buy two – one for now and one for tomorrow, er, well, maybe you should actually buy three?


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Bodegas Juan Gil Silver

This wine is basically everything I’ve been waiting on fall for: strong tannins and bold flavors. I strongly recommend decanting this wine for at least an hour so that the lush floral aromas have time to percolate. Spain has long been a place to look for great values in wine, and there are few better values than this!


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