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2007 Champagne Pierre Morlet Brut Mellésime

This rare vintage Champagne from 2007 is a spectacular example of how dramatic the wine can be as it ages. Ten years after harvest, the wine is now the color of golden wheat with notes of yellow apples, baked pear, and a rich, nutty essence. If the ballroom scene in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast had a flavor, it would taste like this. 


Moussé Fils “L’Or d’Eugene” Brut

Though a white wine, this wine is made from two red grapes: pinot meunier and pinot noir in an 80/20 split, a winemaking style called blanc des noirs. The resulting wine is full bodied and rich, with surprising notes of chocolate-covered strawberry and pumpernickel toast. The flavors are dreamlike, the ghosts of raspberries and cherry dancing on your tongue.                                                       

– Mr. Baker

Louis Latour Marsannay Rouge

Lively and robust, this French pinot noir is full of complex notes of blackcurrent, blackberry, and licorice. Hints of Bing cherry and mocha on the finish allow this wine to pair perfectly with cheese and dishes such as roast duck, chicken, and heaty stews and soups. For those looking to understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to Burgundy, look no further than this bottle!

– Kalie

Can Blau Monstant

This full-bodied red blend is cosy company in these cool temperatures. Made up of the grapes carignan, syrah, and grenache, this blend is big and robust, with tannins that are begging to be paired with food. It has a forward, fruity mouthfeel with plum and berry notes. Can Blau will make a lovely pair to hearty winter stews and roast meats.

– Ali

Champagne J. Lassalle Brut Rosé

This pinot noir heavy Champagne is elegant and refined with delicate notes of strawberry, white plum, and raspberry. Full bodied and robust, this is a wine that would work well with many different kinds of cheeses or even heavier foods. J. Lassalle has been made by women for three (and going on four) generations, making it just another example of a women-lead winery that produces world-class wine.

– Keegan

Ruinart Rosé Champagne

The city of Reims in Champagne is dotted by centuries-old chalk mines dug out by the Roman Empire, and the vestiges of these mines are home to Maison Ruinart. They were the first established Champagne house and have been making gorgeous wines for almost 250 years now. That unmatched expertise comes through in this delicately colored rosé. Aromas of wild strawberry, guava, and rose draw are followed by flavors of fresh red berries and grapefruit.

– Sam

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