Guaranteed to Pair – Your Thanksgiving Wine Guide

If you’re anything like us, you probably find cooking at the holidays to one of the more stressful holiday traditions. And once you’ve finally gotten everything on the table, what are you supposed to drink?


Well, that’s where we come it! We curated a few wines that pair best with the dishes we get asked most about at this time of year. Most of these are wines that we’ve been enjoying for years, and we think it’s about time you enjoyed them too.


Chateau de Bellevue Bordeaux Rogue

The merlot-based blend is full of ripe berry notes with a hint of leather and cedar wood on this finish. The perfect pairing with a traditional turkey!

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Dressing or Stuffing

Pinot Noir

No matter what side of the “stuffing vs. dressing” debate you fall on, one thing is still the same: a rich and velvety pinot noir, especially one from France or Oregon is the perfect pairing.

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Green Beans

Lightning CdP Blanc

This Napa Valley white blend is the perfect match for a savory green bean casserole or a simple sauté with its notes of lemon zest, thyme, and pineapple.

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Sweet Potatoes

Vietti Barbera d’Asti

Marshmallows or no marshmallows, this fruit wine from northern Italy has notes of cherry and raspberry and high acidity that make it the perfect match for rich sweet potatoes.

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Trimbach Pinot Gris

Let’s face it, we all have that one family member who can’t cook so they always show up to dinner with only a salad. Or maybe you are that family member? No worries! This French pinot gris is here to save the day!

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Alienor Rosé

If your Thanksgiving is anything like ours, there’s more than just turkey on the table. This lush and full-bodied rosé has been aging for six years and is full of ripe berry flavors, perfect for pairing with pork!

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Mashed Potatoes

Chappellet Chardonnay

A Thanksgiving staple, nothing pairs better with buttery mashed potatoes than a well balanced, oaked chardonnay with notes of lemon, apple, butter, and vanilla.

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