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Trimbach Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer is like closing your eyes and pretending its September 1983. You’re 17 and you just hopped into your boyfriend Billy’s dad’s Nissan Maxima. You toss your backpack into the backseat and Billy peels out of the high school parking lot. You turn on the radio and catch the first galaxy-sweeping, shimmery synth beats of Madonna’s “Lucky Star,” and deep inside you know that tonight will be the best night of your young life and that you will never be the same again

– Seth

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Lucien Albrecht Brut Rosé

An awesome weeknight sparkler, this wine is made entirely of pinot noir grapes and in made using the same technique that’s used in Champagne. Notes of ripe strawberry and wild cherries are prevalent with a long, sparkling finish full of bright acidity. Pairs well with creamy cheeses, sunny afternoons, and reruns of The Office.

– Collin

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Failla Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

The list of things I love is short, but after my coworkers and my mom, this chardonnay is near the top of that list. It’s round and layered with nuances of blood orange, lime, and lemon zest and it’s quickly become one of my new favorites. There’s so much acid to this wine that it matches almost any food. I’d happily pair this with seafood, chicken, or a nice al fresco brunch.

– Keegan

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Canard Cabernet Sauvignon

Canard is one of northern Napa Valley’s little, hidden gems. Made entirely from estate grown fruit (most of it grown just feet from the owners back porch), this wine is deep and intense with a gorgeous, almost black color. 2012 was a stellar vintage in Napa and this wine is ready to be drunk! Look for strong aromas of cassis and spice that are balanced by just a hint of cocoa powder.

– Ali

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Flowers Seaview Ridge Pinot Noir

Big and juicy, this wine is like eating a ripe plum, with extra notes of cranberry, Bing cherry, and rhubarb. What makes this wine really cool is that it was made using both the grapes themselves and their stems in a process known as “whole cluster fermentation.” This is a wine that will make you see pinot noir in a whole new way. Pair it with duck, pork, or chicken.


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Kikusui Funaguchi Sake

Unpasteurized, undiluted, and untamed, this is sake in its purest expression. The nose is rich and fruity, with sweet banana bread aromas. It’s juicy and unctuous on the palate, bursting with bright melon and citrus flavors balanced by a richer, earthy rice foundation. If you’re an experienced sake drinker, this unusual brew is not to be missed. For those new to the drink, this punchy little guy will make a great first impression!                                    

– Sam

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